Baskets, Bears, Books and Bunnies!

Happy Fall....Ya'll!
      I've been busy "inventorying" my collections thinking it's time to downsize both my collections then eventually the house.  As much as I enjoy looking at all my clutter treasures, I'm really feeling the need to simplify....maybe.
     One of my favorite collections of Longaberger is the All American series.  While I feel the need to downsize, I can't help but wish the company would do this series in miniature...I would become a born again customer if they did!
     This little nook has been designated to be home to the full All American collection along with some other red and blue trimmed baskets.  It is also home to some of my bears, that found their way into my heart over the past 25 years, and all of Maddy's and my books. Since I am past of the age, that a house full of teddybears probably shouldn't be,  I put most all of my favorite bears in this little room and call this "Maddy's library since she has her books in here as well.  We don't have a lot of books but enough that warrant having a miniature library.  Not sure which I favor most...the baskets, bears, bearstones, books or bunnies.  A few years back, I told Steve that I'd stop collecting bears once I owned a Steiff.  He promptly bought one for my birthday!

Also in this collection is the All-American Crisco series.  There are only three in this series, Pie, Cookie and baking; they blend perfectly with the All American. The middle basket on the top of this shelf is the Crisco Cookie. It has the blue-on-red trim band. The Baking basket holds Maddys little books and the Pies hold miscellaneous keepsakes on her shelves.  There are also a few award baskets thrown in since the colors were the same.!  The empty chair in the picture below is reserved for when Maddy comes over.  I might have to get on ebay to get a large Panda to keep her spot warm for her...hummmm....oh ya....NO MORE BEARS!  (maybe)
seated at Maddy's table is Peyton C. Hopplebuns and Hooper Q. Hugster

The group above is the Sagamore Hill Collection by Midwest of Cannon Falls. They were created to celebrate 100 years, 1902-2002, of the Teddy Bear.  Since the creation of the teddy bear was inspired by Theodore Roosevelt in the fall of 1902,  each bear is named after one of President Teddy Roosevelt's children...he had six (left to right) Quentin, Ethel, Archibald, Theodore his self, Theodore Jr., Kermit and Alice.   The picture below is of Maddy's books...she so loves a good story and is quite the story teller herself!

Top left basket is the 1987 Medium Berry, middle left is the 1991 Crisco Pie, top right is the 1993 Crisco Baking,middle right is the All American 2001 Strawberry, bottom right is another 91 Crisco Pie.

pictured above is the All American Candle basket, Tyler and Liza Glorybear, and Harvey B. Woodsley in the All American 2000 Sparkler basket.
above picture-Cindy Lou, Bobbi Jo, Sherie B., Dustin D., Mary Ann and Brianna B Bearican
Jack R. Woodsley in the All American 1999 Blue Ribbon Bread Basket and ONE of my favorite bears Eleanore Bearsvelt

All the bears with the same last name are grouped together.  This picture is some of  the Bearyproud "family".  To the left is the All American Patriot basket, to the right is the All American Carry-Along.

This room is so small, it's difficult to get a picture of the full space but this comes close.
A few close-up shots of some favorites will cap off this post.

 Been thinkin' about pulling out the Shades of Autumn collection so if I do...I'll be back soon!


  1. Really cute! I am downsizing as well. We will be moving to a much smaller place soon. I have already thinned out my bears a lot! The basket, well, that is going to be the hard part because I love them all!

  2. We flunked downsizing, as my hubby likes to say:):) When we moved here 2 years ago we did get a dumpstaer and threw out ALOT of stuff, then I made about 13 trips to GW with my car FILLED but still.....we BOTH love our things:) Maybe someday we will REALLY downsize:) Your basket and bear collection is amazing and I love that you have a library for who I am guessing is your granddaughter? AWESOME!!!!!

  3. You have a very impressive collection! I can't imagine having to downsize all those goodies, where to start?! I also love teddy bears and have been collecting them since my teen years. I have slowed down tremendously in buying them, but I still have them all. My favorite that you've shown here is the set of bears named after Roosevelt's children, they are adorable! I also love your red and blue basket collection! Maddy is very fortunate to have such a neat room to visit!

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