Longaberger May Series with Harmony Kingdom and Boyds Bears, too!

This post is going to be a long one!  
It is to share one of Longaberger's series of baskets. The May Series was created to honor Grandma Bonnie Longaberger's love of flowers.   Each year during the month of May, from 1990 through 2002, a basket was created and named for one of her favorite flowers.
There are a total of fourteen with the original series of thirteen ending in 2002. In 2008, Longaberger created yet one more, the Daffodil, to honor Grandma Bonnie's 100th year!
Starting in 2005 and going through 2011, the Longaberger Collectors Club offered the miniature version of each May basket.  Two were offered each year starting with the Geranium and ending with the Daffodil.
I don't know when the Harmony Kingdom Company nor the Boyds Bear Co. paired up with Longaberger to make their versions of this beloved series but I am thrilled that they did!
The Harmony Kingdom pieces open up to reveal a "scene" inside the little the basket and the Boyds Bear is like a hinged treasure box that also opens to reveal a saying or quote on the lid and a teeny tiny bear to set out with the treasure box.  If anyone is interested in seeing a picture of what I mean, leave a comment and I'd be happy to take pictures of the insides....they are pretty cute!  Also, the liners in the mini's are NOT what Longaberger offered.  The liners that they made for this series are all of the same fabric.  I wanted the liners to be just like the full size ones so mine are custom made.

So....on with the show....I hope you enjoy!

(largest) 1990 Violet,  (left)  2011 Collectors Club Miniature Violet, (Front) Longaberger/Boyds Bears Violet, (far right) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Violet

The second in the May series is the Rose.  The fabric liner is not the correct liner for the basket.  I attempted to buy an original liner but the online seller cashed the check and never sent the liner.  Be CAREFUL with online shopping!

(largest)1991 Rose with Garden Splendor liner,   (front left)Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Rose,  (front) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Rose, (right) 2010 Collectors Club Mini Rose

(largest) 1992 Pansy,  (back left)2010 Collectors Club mini Pansy, (front left)  Harmony Kingdom Pansy,  (right front) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Pansy

(largest) 1993 Lily of the Valley,  (back left) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Lily of the Valley, (front left) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Lily of the Valley, (front right) 2009 Collectors Club mini Lily of the Valley

(largest) 1994 Lilac, (front left) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Lilac, (front right) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Lilac, (right) 2009 Collectors Club mini Lilac

(largest) 1995 Tulip, (left front) Harmony Kingdom Tulip, (middle left) 2008 Collector Club mini Tulip, (front right) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Tulip

(largest) 1996 Sweet Pea, (left) Harmony Kingdom Sweet Pea, (front middle) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Sweet Pea, (right front) 2008 Collector Club mini Sweet Pea

(largest) 1997 Petunia, (left) Collector Club mini Petunia, (middle front) Boyds bears/Longaberger Petunia, (right) Harmony Kingdom Petunia

(largest) 1998 Snapdragon, (far left) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Snapdragon, (middle left) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Snapdragon, (right) 2007 Collectors Club mini Snapdragon

(largest) 1999 Daisy, (left)2006 Collectors Club mini Daisy, (right back) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Daisy, (far right) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Daisy

(largest) Morning Glory, (front left) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Morning Glory, (right front) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Morning Glory, (right back) 2006 Collector Club mini Morning Glory

(largest) 2001 Peony, (left) 2005 Collectors Club mini Peony, (right front) Boyds bears/Longaberger Peony, (right back) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Peony

(far left) Boyds Bears/Longaberger Geranium, (left middle) Harmony Kingdom/Longaberger Geranium, (largest) 2002 Geranium, (right) 2004 Collectors club mini Geranium.

This is where the original thirteen May Series ended.

In 2008, the May Series Daffodil was offered in honor of Grandma Bonnie Longaberger's 100th year!

I am not sure why but neither the Harmony Kingdom Co. nor Boyds Bears made their version of the Daffodil....how sad is that!

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Spring with tons of flowers in your home and gardens.


Havin' Troubles

Good morning!
I've been trying to do a post but without much success.  If I get things figured out, I'll be blogging about the Longaberger May Series baskets.  Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Spring!


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