Santa is good....and early!

As you may have noticed in my last years Christmas post, I've been hoping for a puppy.  Not sure if I wanted another German Shepherd or a Maltese. 
Decision made...THANK YOU Santa!
Maddyson and new baby Annie wish you all a very JOYFUL Christmas!



Christmas in the Dining Room

It is Christmas in the house once again and Santa has taken front stage!
I'll stick with the dining room for this post with hope that the sun will shine again before taking pictures of any of the rest.  We've had beautiful sunny but COLD weather the past couple of weeks but not today when I had the time to take pictures! 
There is nothing new in this years decorating....same ol stuff...just used in different places.




 OK....The quilt top is DONE.  Sooo...while I think about how I want it quilted, I will get the decorating, shopping and baking started!  Hope to be back soon with a full post of Christmas 2013 décor!  Meanwhile, I hope you are savoring the season!


21 JW Longaberger Napkins

21 JW Plaid (classic plaid) napkins made 1 king size bedskirt!


JW Longaberger Miniature Love

Lovin my JW miniature hutch.  Thank you Steve.


A Longaberger, holly,Williraye and wishes Christmas

 Happy New Year!
I can not believe Christmas has already come and gone!  My hope is that the spirit of Christmas will stay in my heart all year.
This years decorating was pretty lazy.  My thoughts were on the birthday trip we took the week after Christmas but I did pull out a few tubs of favorites to jolly up the place.
Maddy decorated the family room tree with little help from me.  I lifted her for the out of reach spots, strung the lights and the cranberry-popcorn garland...the rest was all her doing!  She even picked out the beautiful Noble Fir on an outing with Daddy.

Everything was unbreakable which was a good thing. All except the candy canes but it was ok when they fell and broke cuz they were set aside to eat later...her rule!

We set out our "wish from Santa "plate, yet again, hoping he'd bring a puppy.

We thought to add a pretty flute, to be filled on the big night with sparkling cider, thinking he'd be more willing to grant our wish if he wasn't thirsty.  We learned that you can't bribe Santa....still no puppy.
That's about as far as we got as a team...she had more important things to do than help Grammy decorate.  She had plans to make and packing to do as a few days after Christmas, we left to celebrate her 5th birthday in Disneyland, SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo...woo hoo!
So I continued with the decorating though I didn't do alot.
First off, I changed out the everyday dishes to the Holly

Oh, and the ivory, paprika and ivy as well.

I also put up holly, lights and red berries above on the cabinette crown. I should have taken a picture of it at night...it was pretty.

Next was the breakfast nook. The tree was pretty simple with Williraye ornaments,berry sprays and Longaberger tree trimming baskets plus a few other little snow themed babbles such as knitted sweaters, stockings and hats.

The shelves above the windows got the usual snowmen.  This year it was just the Williraye's and lil trees, lights and evergreens.

On the cook book cabinette...
The kitchen windows

The basket rack

Then on into the dining room...

In to the front hall

 Then back into the family room...

The fireplace

That about wraps up the decorating for Christmas 2012!  I know...lots of pictures...I LOVE pictures!
 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and off to a FANTASTIC start for the new year.


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