What would YOU do?

So for the past 7 months, we have been redoing our kitchen.  Currently I am trying to decide what to do with the outer trim of the island.  It has granite tile for the top with oak trim.  It was the orange-y oak like the cabinettes that I've painted white.  I started painting the trim the same white as the cabinettes but it looks bad.  Soooo...I bought a sample of black and painted the rest of the trim.  Still don't like it.  I am planning to replace the top with either soapstone, granite or marble but until that decision is made, I'd like it to look at least sort of ok since I am very slow at making up my mind.
Which do you think is best for now?  Black or white?  And....I would be MOST appreciative of ANY and ALL opinions on what countertop material to use.  The back splash will absolutely be beadboard painted the same white as the cabinettes.

PLEASE give any and all opinions and suggestions...I am at such a loss here!


  1. Your kitchen is beautiful! Love that color of red on the walls, sure makes the white cabinets pop! I like the white trim myself and have no suggestions whatsoever on what kind of top it would need. Glad to see you back!

  2. Hi Vicci, thanks for stopping by. I can't say I have a favorite LB collection because I love them all! I have a handful of baskets that are definitely my favorites. I have collected for about 10 years, mostly from E-bay, so they are the retired baskets. In my area there are very few people who even know what a LB is! I have also picked some up from the website and accessories from the homestead site.
    Cherries, peaches and apples are the main fruit crops here and what a bumper crop we have had. We celebrate Cherry Days on the 4th of July with a parade, talent shows, contests and even crown a Cherry Day queen! It is a very old fashioned small town thing and I love it! You should try canning them, they are probably the easiest fruit to process. My granddaughters love them and so it has become a tradition for them when they come to my house. Again, glad to see you back in blog land and look forward to more posts.



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