Do I remember how to blog?

Oh my....it's been nearly a YEAR since I have posted!  Why you ask?  I think I have forgotten how not to mention MY CAMERA IS BROKE!  Can you imagine....life without a camera?  Blogging without a camera? Life IS a tragedy to some...a comedy to all others.  I find it to be both!  Anyhow, I did manage to take a few photo's of our master make over before my beloved Canon Rebel started acting up so will share those.  Most are blurry, the beginning of the end of my camera's ability to function in auto.  I am learning to use it in manual mode until I can get a new one but my vision is, well, about as focused as my camera! Good can come from bad situations though...I finally went for an eye exam (the camera forced this!).  Now I just need to go pick out the specs and I'll be good to go.
(before wood floors)

Well, I thought that I had more pictures...can't find them at the moment!

The project is not done as yet.  I will borrow Sarah's camera next time she comes over to show the current status and maybe even my excuse explanation for WHY it has taken soooo long to get as far as we've gotten.  Meanwhile, if you know of any GREAT deals on the Canon Rebel T3i........



  1. What a difference floors can make. Not a huge carpet fan BUT it is in most of my house.

    I hope you can get your camera issues solved -- I only take pictures in auto, lol.


  2. Well, that certainly is a tease---why so long!? I hope I don't miss the follow up post!

  3. Oh my goodness...my heart is beating fast...it's BEAUTIFUL! I'm your newest follower I'm excited to watch and see which room gets the special treatment next! It's perfect! XO, Aimee



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