Hi everyone!
Yet again, it's been a very long time since I last posted but I have been a very busy girl....making messes all over this place.  Thank God my family has more patience that I!
To start where I last left off,,, November, I believe, we're up in the bonus room.  I remember going up there to start getting out the Christmas decorations.  I usually spend November "decking the halls".  Next thing I know, I am cutting quilt squares!  Remember I said I was going to learn how to quilt?  Well, this quilt was/is indeed a learning quilt but what a blast I've had learning!  I use to be pretty good about organizing my project space BEFORE starting any new project.  Not anymore...I just dig in when the mood strikes!

The qult top is finished but that's where this project stopped in order to make time for Christmas shopping and very little decorating.  In fact, a tree, the mantle and the dining room table is all that was embelished this year. 

Although I missed "going all out", I am pretty sure Maddy didn't mind. 
She's happy just to be home enjoying her family. 
December wizzed by in the blink of an eye then next was Maddyson's 3rd birthday.  I got to use my Christmas present for the first time to bake for her birthday party!

Yet another attempted at decorating cookies!ha ha ha
Didn't go so well so I hid these to snack on later...

and made these instead for her birthday party.
(Cherry chip Hello kitty cake and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting)

What's a Hello Kitty birthday party without pin the bow on kitty? 

Another January project was making Maddy a cupcake apron.  She loves it!
Do you love her outfit?

Another January highlight was a quilt show at the Oregon Garden.  I spent the day exploring 3 or 4 out of town quilt shops after jetting through the quilt show.

A sneak peek at our master bedroom makeover.  I bought an unfinished armoire and dresser in late January so am now sanding, priming and painting them trying to achieve the color in my minds eye.
The armoire with it's primer.

Oh my my my....what have I got myself into here.  When we bought this house, the master had bead board all around the top like a boarder.  I have never liked it.  I thought back then ,when we looked at the house,  that it was to cover a really ugly boarder or a removal job gone bad.  Unfortunately, it was to cover a removal job gone bad and a really ugly boarder.  So, I'll be working on this mess after I get the furniture painted.  Hopefully my next post will be to show a really nice master bedroom redo!

Meanwhile, we are all attempting wellness.  Everyone has had head colds for the past month but I promise to get back to work on the bedroom of my dreams...well not really but a nice bedroom redo, when things get back on track around here.  
I've been so inspired by all the incredibly ambitious DIY projects in blogland. I am certain that as I continue visiting these awesome blogs, the inspiration will encourage me to see this project to the end.(Not to mention, having clothes in piles in the closet is really getting old ;)
Until next time, I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and holding the spirits high with the promise of Spring just around the corner.


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