Lynn's Barnyard Bash

Good morning everyone! 
So I woke up this morning feeling like I forgot to do something...this isn't an unusual feeling for me...what could it be....it must be important for it to be the first thought of the day.  Then it hit me....I didn't get my post together for THE BARNYARD BASH!  
Being the queen of procrastination...I am not prepared... so here is a throw-together of what is sure to be a good ol time over at Happier Than A Pig In Mud! Be sure to mosey on over to enjoy Lynn's party to view her barnyard critters (Love those cupcakes!) and peek in at all the other participants.
My last post shares my roosters so if this post leaves you wanting more, feel free to take a peek around!

When we moved out here, to the "outskirts of town", I decided that since it was a farmhouse style home, I would add accessories that reflected that style and the surrounding land.  The first morning I woke up here, I heard sounds coming from these....

Well, not exactly like these...the ones that surround the back of our place are not dairy cows but cows that moooo all the same!  Mooing is fine...soothing to listen to in a way.  However, cow's "hollerin" for the babies is another story!
It wasn't too many days later that I heard the strangest sound, sorta like kids...sorta like cats...hummm..what can it be? I decided it was coming from the front so out I went and discovered these, about a dozen of um across the street.


About a year or so later, the next door neighbor decided to bring her horse here from the place they moved from.  So....in the strip of land between our homes, we were blessed with one of these

So now as you have seen, we are surrounded by critters on three sides leaving the west side with nothing more than dogs and a cat.  Two years ago, the neighbors changed that and brought home CHICKENS.

(do you see the chickens on top of the cow to the right? You can click the picture to ENLARGE.  This Williraye piece is called "Yours or mine?")
Have you ever heard a chicken while it is laying an egg?

So that leaves us.....nothing but cats...

And a beautiful Granddaughter that loves all animals!

Wishing ya'll an awesome fall and  many thanks for stopping over to see my barnyard bash!
Time for me to head over to see all the other participating farm gals if only at heart!


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