Roosters, Roosters, Everywhere!

Good morning fellow rooster fans! 
As I'm sure you know, it's rooster party time over at Bella Vista!  Barb so loves her roosters as do so many other wonderful bloggers so if you want to see some pretty,whimsical, funky or just plain cute roosters, head on over to Barbs to see hers and all her rooster party buddies. Barbs button is on my side bar, click there to head over to the rest of the party. 
I hope you enjoy my little collection...only have a couple of new ones since last years rooster party so most of my photo's may be repeats.
If you're a sidedoor guest, you are greeted by this rooster windchime, gifted to me from my mother-in-law.  It makes such happy sounds with a gentle breeze.

I like to change out vignettes on this bench each month.  This is Julys "scene"...I know, it's August so I best get busy and get the sunflowers out!

Once you come on in, you are greeted by this spunky fella

If you look to your left instead, this funky guy will greet you

Or, to the right stands one of my favorite...probably because of his blue or maybe because I brought him home from a wonderful visit of family in Montana.

Looking up above the window you will find a couple of rooster companions...after all what is a rooster without a hen?

Moving into the kitchen to meet the rest of the clan...

Finally into the dining room. 

This guy on the bakers rack is my only new rooster since last years rooster party.  He has a hole in the back to place a battery operated tealight!  He was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law.  (Thank you, Geri!)

That wraps it up for my rooster collection. 
Oh...wait a minute!  I gotta run take a few pics of the calendar that I picked up at the coast. I'm so excited for 2011 to be able to bring this beauty out.

Thank you so much for visiting....I hope you come back soon and as always, I very much enjoy reading your comments so please don't be shy! ;0)


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