We've been adopted

What a beautiful day this has been!  The sunshine is soooo needed in our "neck of the woods" and shine it did!  I attempted to spiral two arborvitae today...not so good.  I will work on them more tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they are not salvagable. grrrrrr....
Anyhow, I just wanted to share that we have a new kitty.  He has been hanging out for about 6 weeks and wants to come in sooo bad.  Last week we took him to the vet cuz he has had a snotty nose.  Got an antibiotic for him, tested for lukemia/aids, got a couple vaccines and are now waiting for his nose to clear up then will have him neutered.  We are calling him Mr. Beans cuz he likes our Maddy and Maddy likes jelly beans!  I wanted his name to be Mikey.  Have you seen the Sandra Bullock movie that is out? The one with "Big Mike".  If you haven't seen it, you really should...it is soooo good.  If you have, remember when the family is sitting at the dinner table and ask Mike if he'd like to be a part of their family and he replies..."I thought I already was?!? 
Well, I think Mr. Beans feels pretty much the same way.  So next is the "altering", then the introduction to the "house kitties"....I hope it goes well.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you!  I hope you have a wonderful, relaxed, loving day!


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