An Easter Bunny Parade, cont…

Welcome, once again to our Easter bedazzled home!  I had so much fun putting out the bunnies last week that I decided to play some more, changing things around just a bit.  Let's start outside since there is a break in the rain....a very WELCOME break in the rain.  As always, there is a banner at the entry to greet one and all. I so love banners so have collected at least one for each month and alot of the smaller ones for added "smile stops".  You'll find baskets and teddybears on alot of them....two of my favorite things.  I have recently added a new doormat that has interchangeable "centers" so now I'll be collecting different mats for the seasons and holidays.   Don't you just love the pretty tulips?  They SING spring and sunshine! ;0)


Another Spring spot, this one at the side door. When I posted for St. Patricks day, the tulips hadn't bloomed yet so this is a different view...amazing what a couple of days do for Spring blooms. I also added the adorable little bird house.  I found this at a retirement home this winter.  A resident of the home makes the cutest birdhouses to sell at their  annual Christmas Bazaar.  My honey found the bird nest down by the creek after a windstorm that broke a large branch off one of our cedars. The bunny was a gift from my mother-in-law, she finds the cutest things!
The bunny below was also a gift from M-I-L.

Inside now, in the front entry.  The little basket of jellybeans is actually the bottom of a cupcake, I'll have to include the whole thing in a post soon...it's quite cute.


And in to the diningroom.....
Notice the lil bunny ears peaking out of the mug? Don't you just love all the different ways you can fold napkins.

Most all the pretties were used in last weeks tablescape.  I changed out the pottery, tablecloth and the centerpiece...moved things around a bit....

The centerpiece basket was the inspiration for this tablescape.  I intended to use a different tablecloth, my favorite of the few that I have, but when I set this basket next to this tablecloth, everything changed!  I know that must happen to you all!??!  Set out with a plan only to have something take over and change the whole scene?  Please tell me this happens to you or I might start worrying that when I joke about having ADD, maybe it isn't a joke.



The photo below should show why the centerpiece basket stold the show...the colors in the basket are identical to the colors in the tablecloth decorations.  My mom found this tablecloth at the coolest florist/home decor shoppe in Eugene,OR several years ago.....unfortunatly, they went out of business.

I do think every room should have at least one Williraye piece to bring a smile to ones face.  They are so comical to me, in a funky sorta way.  I love the buck teeth on the bunny...makes me laugh every time I look at it!




Years ago, a local craft store gave away free Jodi Jensen watercolor prints with a $25 purchase so I collected, mat and framed 3 years worth of freebies. 

 I hope you enjoyed my continued Easter bunny parade!  I sure enjoyed your company and I wish you all a very BLESSED Easter.
I am linking over to Susan's Tablescape Thursday.  You can click on the badge below to hop over to view her beautiful blog and many many more participants of Tablescape Thursday. I just found another fun event so will also be linking to Lynettes Easter Party...Thank you Ladies for hosting these wonderful events!

Easter Decor Day


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