Decking the Halls, and the walls, and the.......

WELCOME! The time has finally arrived for Susans Deck the Hall's event!  I have been so excited for this as I just LOVE seeing everyone's beautifully decorated homes and the idea of seeing them dressed for the holiday season is more exciting than I can say. THANK YOU, Susan, for hosting this wonderful opportunity for all of use to "get together" for the holidays!
I hope you enjoy my contribution as much as I've enjoyed put it all out....be sure to link back over to Thoughts From Over the Rainbow to savor all the beautiful decorations at Susans and and all the other participants.
Although I started decorating the day after Halloween, I'm far from done.  I have a tendency to be reeeeeealllllly slow at artistic endevors!lol  Actually, I have a tendency to not finish anything artistic....why? I do not know. I have a couple of areas that I am making myself leave alone....NO MORE tweeking!
The first is our family room tree...

I have done it twice this year...

knowing what I wanted....

then deciding it wasn't going to happen so just be happy with it and move on!

Since I haven't done ANY shopping yet, baskets -n- bears "sit in" for the time being.

Also in the familyroom is some of my Santa collection.  I have been collecting the jolly guy for many many years.  The entertainment center is all Jim Shore pieces.

Not Santa but still Jim Shore

On the wall opposite of the entertainment center is a variety of Santa's...my favorites are the Willirayes...can you pick them out of the bunch?

A couple more...

All the above photo's are in the "new" family room.  The next are in the "old family room.  When we added on to the house, we also had the new family room added on in place of what use to be the deck off the old family room. It was so odd shaped and small so I decided it will someday house a game table and be called the game room.  Right now it houses my granddaughters table n chairs, kitchenette, and toybox.

This wall will someday have a window in the place of these pictures.  This room is so dark without one.

With this final photo, I will close this post and save the kitchen for the next time.  Many thanks for stopping in.  I'd be thrilled if you'd leave a comment to let me know that you stopped in to say Hi!  I'm so glad you were here.


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