1st Met Monday-Exterior Redo

It's another 1st for me!  Thank you Susan for hosting yet another fun "party", your dedication is remarkable!
  Although the beginning of this metamorphosis started just over 5 years ago, it's just now STARTING to look like what  I have in my minds eye.  This house that you're about to see was ALMOST my dream home.  The only thing that kept it from being a total dream come true was that I soooo need  desire to own a BRAND NEW house.  THAT (a new, custom built) home has been my hearts desire for as long as I can remember...as far back as being 7 years old and playing in what use to be a chicken coop at my Grandparents farm in Montana!  I use to sit in that lil coop for HOURS, dreaming of how I would decorate and remodel it  if only Grandpa would let me.  That's a whole other story for another time.
So on with the here and now, beginning with a photo of the day that we got the key to our "new to us" house.  You would never know it by the smile on my face but THE KEY DIDN'T WORK!!!  Yet another story for later. lol
We'll pretend it worked and that the smile was well founded.

This is what you saw standing at the road. 

This is standing at the other end of the driveway

This house sat empty for several months before we bought it and not loved at all.  A neighbor told us that when the people that built it lived here, the lawn MIGHT have been mowed once or twice a year! I guess when alls you've got is sparse grass,field grass and TONS of dandelions, why bother?!

The next few photos are of the beginning transformation stages.

We found the greatest contractor for this project.  He was such a perfectionist and sooooo slow but in the end, we were very glad of that. He and his college aged son tore off all the siding and removed all the windows...all by them selves.  They also replaced all the windows and resided the whole house...BY THEM SELVES!  They amazed me.  A different company did the roof...in TWO days!  I really liked the existing roof but the shingle style was no longer available.  There were more patches on this roof than you can believe.

The following photos are of  right after the project was complete.  Phase one of the project, that is!

After this "transformation", it was a couple of years "rest" time while attempting to obtain permits for an addition.  What a process that was.  Oregon is famous for our conservationists which is probably why Oregon is so beautiful.  BUT, what a pain in the bum when it comes to obtaining permits!  We have a creek on our acre of land which is why the county gave us soooo much grief to add on.  We finally jumped through all their hoops and construction began!  We had a garage with bonus room, mother-in-law suite, family room and larger laundry room added on.  It was an experience that I don't want to experience again but the end results are well worth it. For this met Monday, I'll stick with the exterior photos.


Oh, and, we had brick and fishscaling added to the turret. Fishscale also on the eves on both ends of the house.

The house had just a few, very sickly shrubs when we moved in so I've been busy planting some favorites.  The above photo shows my roses.  My birthday month flower is the rose so roses were a must!  One of my favorites is the Jackson n Perkins "Love and Peace...below, a close up of it.

To recap this transformation, here are a few before and afters close together.





So, here ends my 1st post for metamorphosis Monday.  I hope you enjoyed it and would be thrilled to hear if you did!  I may continue on this "thread" and do each room of the house since we changed most everything inside, too!
Be sure to link over to Susan's Between Naps on the Porch for more metamorphosis's...you won't be disappointed.


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