Playing around

I have to say.....it's not so smart to start a blog then get busy with other things!  I was so inspired by the blogs I've visited that I wanted to share my home pictures too.  I also would like to partake in the blog parties so will hopefully get this figured out so I can do so.  Meanwhile, a few photo's of home to practice the picture posting.

First, a photo of my favorite picture.  I so love horses...rode alot as a kid while spending my summers at Grandma's house in Montana...GOOD TIMES!  I would love to have the horse that was painted in this picture.  It is a Nancy Noel print.
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This is of a little shelf that I found at a great shop in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago.  I fell in love with the state and daydream most everyday since of returning and staying longer.  We were there in October and the trees were beyond beautiful, the countryside so very peaceful.

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Actually, most of the "stuff" in the cabinette/shelf came from that trip, except for the baskets of course.

Another horse....wish it was a big one!
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A wall in the hall and this should be enough "practice". I'll play some more soon....

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