Joining the Rooster Party At Bella Vista

First on the parade is a little picture from my kitchen.  It's actually a greeting card that I thought was cute enough to frame.

Another kitchen picture.

What's a kitchen without a rooster towel.....

or a coaster....

Or a floor mat.  Surely one also needs a rooster....

Nite Lite!

I didn't realize that I had so many rooster items until I started looking around to take pictures. Since the kitchen theme was intended to be fruit and plaid. I think there is more rooster than fruit!  It has to be because of all the beautiful colors on these guys. Don't cha think?

And last but not least, a little whimsy...

Thank you so much for visiting with me and my roosters!
This is my first time to participate in a blog party and I thank Susan at Between Naps for the "heads up" and many thanks to Barb at Bella Vista for the invite!  These ladies are the best!  Hugs to all, Vicci


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