Christmas, Christmas Everywhere

Boy oh boy is it party time in blogland!  I will be joining in with multiple parties...click on the links below to go visit with all the wonderful hostesses and their participants that love to dress their homes for the holidays!  Thank ALL of you gracious ladies for hosting these wonderfully fun events.

Karen/Somedays are Diamonds/ Doors of Welcome
Thoughts from Over The Rainbow/ Deck the Halls
The Nester/ Christmas Tour of Homes
Between Naps On the Porch/ Tablescape Thursday

So on with my playing.  I posted photos of my snowman kitchen, and of our familyroom, (click on white words for links to view), so now it's time for the entry and dining room. 

Father Christmas greets you as you walk up the front walk.  When you get to the front door, a friendly snowman welcomes you inside.

(Yes, you're right, the front door isn't decorated....yet  :-P )

I like using the side door better anyway, don't you? 

We'll wander through the kitchen paying no attention since we've seen it before and go straight through to the front entry.  OH..but please be careful not to bump into Maddy....she's busy playing with the musical, dancing toys.  She just loves overnighters with Papa, Grammy and auntie Sarah!

We've made it safely to the hallway, looking into the entryway

The baskets are hung instead of stockings for the pets. They seem to always get so many goodies from Santa that their stockings overflowed.

The largest basket was for Jordan.  He was the best dogfriend a girl could have. We had to let him be with his maker a year ago in November due to a spinal condition called degenerative myelopathy.  I still can't get another buddy.

We will forever hang his basket, filling it with goodies for the Humane Society.

Hold on, gotta go dry the tears so I can finish the tour....

Ok, around the corner and sitting on the stairs, this is what you see.

My supervisor....Wyatt Earp

On in to the dining room...I tried to keep it simple...

But I just couldn't do it.  So out came the Longaberger Pottery and napkins, the Kohls goblets, the crystal champagne flutes, the silver flatware and best for last, the Longaberger sleighs from years ago. I couldn't decide if the reindeer should get a break this year..

Or if Santa remains at the helm.

What do you think?  Reindeer? Or Santa?

The rest of the dining room has been "housed" for awhile now.  I bought these houses a few years ago. They were a store brand (can't remember the name), the store went out of business so I didn't get to get more to finish the "town" that I had wanted.  They are larger than Dept 56 so I may sell these and start over with dept 56.


So here ends my entry and dining room Christmas tour. 
I thank you for being so kind and stopping over for a "tour".  I hope you enjoyed my long winded post and would love to hear what your thoughts are.  Take care, ENJOY the season, and stop over again soon.  Hugs to all, Vicci


  1. Everything is just beautiful! How festive. The basket brought tears to my eys. What a lovely thought. Merry Christmas.

  2. HOLY COW!!!!!! GORGEOUS! Too much to see in so little time. LOVE the baskets! Soooooo many beautiful decorations. The above the door decorations with the plates are just precious! Have a blessed day and thanks for having me!

  3. Incredible. I LOVE your wreath with the mittens and sled. Your garland on your banister is beautiful. The baskets are such a great idea!

  4. Very pretty, I love your basket idea and the village!

  5. ♥ your home, it looks fabulous.
    From a fellow dog lover, I know how hard it is to let them go. Love the basket w/ Jordan's picture. May you be blessed beyond measure this Holiday season! Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings~ Trisha

  6. Oh, that's beautiful. I especially like the church with the stained glass window. Perhaps instead of selling the houses you could keep them and use them as the main street then buy the smaller Dept 56 and use them as 'higher up the hill and thus smaller' part of town? xx

  7. Oh Vicci. You had ME crying too! I still put my Sheltie - Wendi, and my Cocker Spaniel - Chloe and our kitty - Kayla's decorations on the tree. And shed a tear and thank the Lord for Blessing us with them while we had them. PETS! What would we do without them. And I think your basket idea filled with donations is AWESOME! And love your Longabergers! I have some too!
    Yes, I agree, back door friends are best! And your decorations are just too cute! LOVE your Father Christmas flag and the cute little snowman heads on the wreath.
    Everything is so inviting. I am so glad you joined in!
    HAGD! and Merry Christmas!
    Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

  8. I have storage racks full of LB stuff. You have given me so many great ideas of new ways to display some if it. I even see a few things I don't have that I will now have to go to ebay and try and find. I love that father christmas flag with the baskets, where did you find that? From one LB consultant to another all I can say is fabulous!

    basketmom24 from CS forum

  9. Vicci-Your home is beautifully decorated, but Miss Maddy with those dimples and footie pajamas got me! I love the idea of the baskets--your bannister is gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking to "Deck the Halls"! ps-your table is gorgeous too !

  10. Your home looks lovely...miss basket lady! I love the use of the baskets on the garland....so pretty...but everything is!
    Merry Doors of Welcome!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home dressed for the holidays. I love the idea of the baskets as stockings. So clever and cute! Goes perfectly with plaid ribbon. ~ Sarah

  12. Your home is sooo lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your story. We lost our beloved Maltese this March and I, too teared up. We miss her so much and I love the idea of donating her stocking stuffer goodies too. I definitely, will do that and continue to do it. Thanks so much I felt so sad about her stocking but now I'm glad to hang it.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugz, Z

  13. Wow! I'm quite impressed! It's all so stunning and beautiful. Love the wreath, the cloche, the village and the stair railing best.

  14. Wow...everything is beautiful!! Love all your baskets...and I got a little teary eyed when you shared the basket with your beloved dog on it as we had to let our little Yorkie-Po go this past Spring and I still miss him so badly.
    I saw a little bible in the sleigh with your Santa...I have the same one that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl. I put it on my Christmas tree every year.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  15. Maddie looks like she's enjoying herself Vicci. Everything looks so wonderful and that stairway is a real treat!
    If I had to choose, I would go with Santa. Thanks for sharing a terrific post!
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  16. Everything just looks wonderful! I love your idea of the baskets! Your little village looks wonderful! Don't get rid of it! Oh, that little Miss Maddy does take the cake! Yep, I believe she does! She's darling.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  17. I LOVE Longaberger...well baskets in general and you've used them so beautifully in your Christmas decor. Lovely tablescape :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  18. Wow Vicci your home is just beautiful and so loaded with goodies.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Karen from CS forum and My Colonial Home Blog

  19. Beautiful home from beginning to end! I absolutely love the baskets on the stair rails, very clever and beautiful!
    Merry christmas

  20. Lovely red, white and green table. Your decorations are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  21. Everything is lovely! Love how you've used your baskets. This was a wonderful Christmas tour!

  22. Your home decorated for Christmas is gorgeous. Please don't sell or giveaway your village pieces you will probably be very sorry you did. Not all buildings in a town, village or city are the same scale and if you display them on shelves it won't matter. The village pieces you have are very detailed and lovely, keep them!
    Jacquelene L.

  23. I LOVE all your Longaberger baskets! And your village is just beautiful, please don't get rid of it -- it's even prettier than Dept. 56. (in my opinion)
    Blessings to you!



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