Halloween Details

It's that most wonderful time of the year....beautiful, colorful, brisk autumn!  I believe that if you are a "details" kind of person, fall is the most exciting season because of all the variations of color, texture, temperature and activies that come to life during this time.  Do you think you can count all the shades and tints of orange? Or yellow?  This is certainly the time of year to try!  To me, it's the "kick-off" of the best decorating quarter of the year.  The yard is pretty much put to bed, no mowing, weeding, feeding, watering, etc which makes for LOTS of time to "play house".
So....to get this season started, I compose this post with a Halloween tablescape that will link to the ever talented Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch.  Do go over there to see her awesome blog and tablescape as well as MANY other fantastic participating tablescapes.
I also thought I'd add a few, well, quite a few pictures of fall yet mostly Halloween pictures of our home.  Like most of us do, I am still moving things and adding things but will post the current status of my fun.  CLICK on any picture to enlarge...I hope you enjoy!

A view from above

Notice the napkin? My version of a bat ;0)  Also note the cup of candycorn...I learned somewhere, wish I could remember who's blog, that the proper placement of the cup handle is to have it point to the time that tea is to be served....midnight, of course!

Williraye's "Spirit of Halloween"

Williraye's East Bound Flight

My daughter came into the diningroom the morning after I put this together and stated that this pumpkin-headed guy "weirds her out"!  What do you think?

Here ends my Halloween Tablescape!  Since I shared little of "around the house", I'll post again real soon.  Thank you so much for stopping over for a little Halloween dining,would enjoy your comments as always!
Be sure to head over to Tablescape Thursday at Susans!


  1. Love the pumpkins and ghosts hanging from the chandelier--Very pretty!

  2. Love your Halloween decorations..It all looks so pretty!

  3. I love it all!! Everything looks great!

  4. Love your Halloween table. The napkins are really cute!

  5. O my have you outdone yourself with all your fun decorations!! cute cute

  6. I love all the pictures, so cute and fun and I really love the napkins, sooo cute and of course the candy corn, my fav

  7. So cute for the holidays. Teenagers? I think he's funny.

  8. Hi Vicci, well, you certainly made me smile! Everything is charming and so festive. I love it all.

    Really like your new blog design and header!!

    Barb ♥

  9. Wow, you have some great things for Halloween. I could go shopping at your house. The table looks great. I love all the little figurines on the plates. Love it, this is one of my favs today.


  10. I love all your Hallowe'en decorations. Great tablescape!

  11. Love all your halloween decorating! I love the pumpkin man...he makes a great centerpiece! Great job!

  12. What a delightful room and fall tabletop! the decorations are just adorable. I love that room too, it's so gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

  13. I had to laugh, I hung the same little pumpkins from my kitchen chandelier last year! I haven't gotten them up yet this year!

    Glad that you're enjoying the season.

    Thanks for visiting.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. You have a "frightfully" wonderful table and decor. Love it all!

  15. Wow you have so many whimsical things--love the pumpkin man centerpiece. I like the contrast the tablecloth gives to the entire setting!

  16. Happy Fall! Your Halloween decor looks beautiful! Please stop by for a visit soon.

  17. You have so many cute Halloween decorations. Your table is great. Love the whimsical nature of your decorations.

  18. Wow! Looks like you are all ready for a party! Beautiful decorating!

  19. Everything is absolutely adorable! Come do my house next ;)


  20. Love all your halloween decorations. I don't really decorate for halloween, but you are inspiring me to do some halloween decorating. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I love the Willirayes!!!
    I'm a collector of them also and I love to see
    what others have.



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