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Happy Halloween to you and yours!  I am not MIA but our PC is on the fritz so I can't access my pictures to do posts.  Talk about going through withdrawals!  I am using my daughters laptop to do this post but my  pictures are on the PC.  I am in the market for my OWN laptop so if anyone LOVES theirs, please tell me what it is and why you love it.  I have NO clue what to buy.  Do I want a laptop like I think I do or a new PC?  I know NOTHING about either other than I LOVE our big monitor on the PC yet like the portability of daughters laptop.
THANK YOU, everyone, that has stopped by and left such nice comments!  I will be up and running, somehow, soon!  One more day of Halloween then out it goes for a month of Christmas decorating!!!



In honor of  breast cancer awareness month and to celebrate her birthday, Denise over at  Dens Daily Life has knitted the sweetest. softest looking, PINK scarf  (she even said it was soft ), to give away to friends of her blog.  Get on over to see this beauty.  You can click the box to the side of this post to go see what it's all about!


Better late than never?  I hope so cuz this was suppose to be posted yesterday to Doors of Welcome over at Some Days are Diamonds.   The computer that has all my pictures is not working properly and wasn't at all yesterday so I couldn't post. Don't know if it's going to work this time either but am going to try.
I had my 21month old granddaughter for 6 nights and days so my frontdoor didn't get dressed in time for the party so... the pictures are of our side patio door....as they say, backdoor guests are best so this one got dressed first!  Hope this works and I do hope you enjoy!

Along with Mr. and  Mrs. Mo Scarecrow, I welcome you in for a cup of cider, tea, or coffee and wish you a joyous fall and exciting Halloween!  Be sure to link over to Some Days are Diamonds to see more Doors of Welcome....you're sure to be inspired!


Halloween Details

It's that most wonderful time of the year....beautiful, colorful, brisk autumn!  I believe that if you are a "details" kind of person, fall is the most exciting season because of all the variations of color, texture, temperature and activies that come to life during this time.  Do you think you can count all the shades and tints of orange? Or yellow?  This is certainly the time of year to try!  To me, it's the "kick-off" of the best decorating quarter of the year.  The yard is pretty much put to bed, no mowing, weeding, feeding, watering, etc which makes for LOTS of time to "play house".
So....to get this season started, I compose this post with a Halloween tablescape that will link to the ever talented Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch.  Do go over there to see her awesome blog and tablescape as well as MANY other fantastic participating tablescapes.
I also thought I'd add a few, well, quite a few pictures of fall yet mostly Halloween pictures of our home.  Like most of us do, I am still moving things and adding things but will post the current status of my fun.  CLICK on any picture to enlarge...I hope you enjoy!

A view from above

Notice the napkin? My version of a bat ;0)  Also note the cup of candycorn...I learned somewhere, wish I could remember who's blog, that the proper placement of the cup handle is to have it point to the time that tea is to be served....midnight, of course!

Williraye's "Spirit of Halloween"

Williraye's East Bound Flight

My daughter came into the diningroom the morning after I put this together and stated that this pumpkin-headed guy "weirds her out"!  What do you think?

Here ends my Halloween Tablescape!  Since I shared little of "around the house", I'll post again real soon.  Thank you so much for stopping over for a little Halloween dining,would enjoy your comments as always!
Be sure to head over to Tablescape Thursday at Susans!


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