Tablescape Thursday in the Fall

Joining in with Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch and all the other creative tablescapers.  Be sure to click on the picture above to view their masterpieces!

Welcome to my 2nd tablescape.  This is,  I have decided, "TOO MUCH FUN"!  Perhaps it is because I am new to the world of blogging and STILL trying to figure things out but I find that it is on my mind ALL DAY long!  I would probably have a more interesting blog if I spent the time I use for reading other blogs on my own blog.  I am just AMAZED at all the wonderful and talented bloggers out there.
Anyhow, on with my 2nd Fall tablescape.  I usually leave my dining table "tablescaped" all month long.  However, I have found that I have multiple "pretties" for both fall and Christmas so I thought what the heck....put down the paint brush and play alittle!  So here it is.....fall tablescape again!

Did I mention that I so adore teddie bears?  They come to welcome you to our home!

First inside the front door is my cabinette,mirror and (Susan's must have) a lamp.  The basket is from Longaberger's Shade's of Autumn Series.  It is called the Basket of Plenty from 1995 and is retired.  Follow me to the dining room, it's only a couple of steps away.

The pottery is Longaberger except for the orange dinnerplates.  They are Fiestaware since Longaberger doesn't make orange pottery and I just had to have orange for Halloween last year.  The bowl is called butternut the luncheon plate is paprika and the placemat is called Fall Foliage, also Longaberger.  Did I mention that I have been collecting Longaberger products for 15 years? LOL  As my blog grows, you'll see that the term "collecting" is a very large understatement.  I am so hoping to some day stumble across fellow Longaberger enthusiasts in blogland.....I am quite shocked I haven't yet.  Back "in the day" when I did homeshows, I was in some amazing homes that really decorating on a large scale with Longaberger....where are those ladies anyhow???
Well, it appears that I didn't take much variety of photo's so will wrap it up with a couple of candlelight shots then head on over to Susan's to link up.  Thank you so much for stopping in to visit...I hope you enjoyed a little taste of fall from the West Coast.  I'd love for you to leave a comment letting me know that you stopped in and if ANYONE can tell me how to "grab a button"  link that does not have the letters below it, PLEASE share the "how to" on this one. 

Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope and pray that you are all safe and dry tonight! Hugs, Vicci


  1. Very pretty fall table -- and what a great welcome!

  2. Your tablescape is lovely and your teddy bear flag made me smile. I have a huge collection of Boyds.

  3. Ooooo! This is great! Love the fall colors! Thanks for sharing! Come by and check out my giveaway - I think you'll like them! :)

  4. Hi Vicci!
    Love your tablescape, it's beautiful and so is your teddy bear flag.
    I hope you received my email with your award.

  5. This is all so pretty -- I have about 5 or 6 longaberger baskets -- purchased before they got soooo espensive -- love your fall look -- classic!

  6. Beautiful fall table from daylight to dusk. I can totally relate about spending time reading all the fantastic blogs that are out there. It could be a full time job! Glad you are joining in the fun with TT. I look forward to seeing what you do the next time. ~ Sarah

  7. So much fun to stop by your blog! I love how you decorate and you have a lovely home! I also like your style of blog-writing, it is easy to follow and read. Right from the "teddy bear welcome" to the candlelit pics, I truly enjoyed my visit here!


  8. What a warm and welcoming home. You have set a lovely table for us and the warmth and glow it transmits are quite beckoning. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  9. Sorry, not even a mini longenberger here. Not that I wouldn't love some! Your tablescape is lovely. The plaid napkins are so pretty and I love the basket vase! Happy TT!

  10. Well, fall is definitely in the air this Thursday. You table looks divine in the candlelight, and with the view of your porch. Such a pretty place to dine!

  11. Fall tablescapes have got to be the most prettiest and colorful and yours is both of those for sure. You did an amazing job, I love your napkins and place mats. I have a lot of Boyd's Bears (unfortunately packed away right now because I don't know where to put them, although I do have my fall ones out) and I only have 2 longeberger baskets. I love those too but don't know where I'd put them!
    When you asked about how to grab a button, do you mean without using the html code they usually show below it? If so you could try just right clicking on the button/graphic you want and 'save image as' to your computer. The html code below is for you to insert it in to your menu bar so the button shows up automatically. Let me know if I can help you more on that :)

  12. Hello Vicci,

    What a warm and welcoming home you have. You have set a lovely table for us. Like you, my ex-mil loves bears. She has been collecting Boyds for years and they are everywhere in her house!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Hi Vicci,Very pretty fall table...It all looks so wonderful...

  14. I want to know too if you find out!
    What a lovely tablescape!!! My gosh!
    I have TONS of Longaberger Baskets. I collected them about 15 years ago - (had a lot of parties, got a lot of them free) and love them, but can't use them too much in this house. My old ranch they looked great - Tuscan style. . . not so good.
    I am THRILLED you are going to join in for Doors of Welcome!!
    Welcome! We should have a great time!

  15. Hi Vicci, oh, what a delightful tablescape. It is truly lovely! The colors are so lush and perfect and the plaid napkins are divine. I am nuts for plaid...anything!!!! You have done a wonderful job.

    Barb ♥

  16. I LOVE Longaberger! I use it to decorate a little bit. I would love more, but we have 4 kids, enough said! :)
    Your table is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  17. Hi Vicci,
    I know what you mean about being a newbie and thinking about blogging all day long. Don't worry, it gets worse ;) ... but what fun it is! You definitely have the knack for creating warm, inviting tables. Can't wait to see what you'll do for Christmas!

    Bye for now,

  18. I just found you. What a lovely blog. You're going on my favourite list. Best wishes, Jan from the UK.

  19. Hi Vicci, thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway and good luck, I hope you win. I have become a follower, so I'll be back. I love your blog, so colorful and I love your fall style. I have one Longaberger basket and I love it, too. Have a great weekend!

  20. What a great WRLCOME Vicci, Your fall table is just lovely my friend...Sorry I don't have any baskets...But I'm also sure they are blogger than do and you'll meet them...Thanks for sharing...Hope you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Hi Vicci!!

    Your tablescape is fantastic!! The colors are so perfect for this time of year and I think you should keep making fall tablescapes as long as you want!! Your dishes are wonderful for this time of year too. I used to have Fiestaware and gave it away after I got bored with it!! lol! That was before I knew I could use it in so many tablescapes!! I like your plaid napkins and centerpiece too...

    You really have a lovely home, Vicci. I'd love to see pictures of that beautiful porch!

    Happy weekend!! :-)



  22. Love your tablescape, I have used the same color tones with checks on the tablescape I just finished, Not posted yet. I am a new blogger and love your sight, you do a great job, I am a new follower, please stop by for a visit, I need all the encouragement I can get. Thanks for sharing, Phyllis

  23. What a beautiful fall table. I too just started doing tablescapes and I am having so much fun! Can't wait to see your next tablescape. (I'm already trying to figure out what my next tablescape will be)

  24. I just found some Longaberger pottery at a garage sale Saturday. 10 pieces for $6.50. I just did a blog post telling about my thrifty treasures!

  25. I am a big Longaberger fan too. I have quite a few or their baskets and some of the pottery but not any dinnerware. My coworker used to sell it. Just bought their new Halloween bowl.
    I also have the cake basket that i see in your banner. :)



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